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Devonshire Financial (London) Inc. is a commercial mortgage brokerage founded in 1991. The corporation is licensed under the Mortgage Brokers, Lenders and Administrators Act 2006, as number 11314. Gregory Playford is the Principal Broker, License No. M08008946, having completed the necessary qualifications and exams.

Devonshire Consulting

Development Consultants

Devonshire Consulting, a sister company founded in 2006, provides project viability assessment, refinancing consulting services, and full service development consulting services.

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Greg Playford, President, became a Mortgage Broker in 1985 and is a specialist in the area of multi-unit residential financing and financing for affordable housing. Learn more. Find out more.


We are available for consultations and advice on any commercial financing matters.

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Our phone number is 519 645-7711.